A Bronzy/Natural Makeup Look!

Honestly I have no idea what to call this look, I think it looks quite bronzy and soft glam-ish so lets go with that! I did a look very similar to this one about a week ago and received a few questions about it so as I’m getting back into the swing of blogging, I thought I’d make a post on it! Can we also just talk about how quickly my hair is growing out, wow!


This is the look!
For anyone who might ask, my LED mirror is from Boots from their NO7 brand. I’ll list below the product details in order from beginning to end. I do use quite a few drugstore products so if you’re someone who’s not into that, read with an open mind and replace with your own if you want to recreate this look. Enjoy!


products used:

  • Clarins oil treatment
  • Emite Makeup diamond heart primer
  • Kiko radiant boost face base

Always start off by moisturising! Skincare is so important and you don’t want to apply makeup to dry skin as it will affect your makeup look. I usually use a face cream from Simple or Nivea but as my skin has been really dry lately, I used an oil to keep my skin looking hydrated and encourage a dewy look – I very rarely go for a matte finish. However, if you have naturally oily skin then I would not recommend using oils!


products used:

  • Beauty UK high brow kit
  • Kiko full coverage concealer (shade 06)

I fill my brows in lightly using my brow kit and conceal underneath using a concealer a few shades lighter than my skin to clean up the brow and highlight. I drag the concealer down onto my eyelids to use as a base/primer for my eyeshadow.



products used:

  • Laroc natural shades palette

This palette is cheap as chips from Amazon and has an unreal amount of shades. They’ve also got a “summer edition” which comes as a deal. I used a few natural/skin shades to add to this bronzy look.


products used:

  • NYX total control foundation (shade mahogany)
  • Sleek cream contour kit (shade medium)
  • Sleek contouring and blush palette (shade dark)
  • LA girl pro concealer (shade beautiful bronze)
  • NARS radiant creamy concealer (shade amande)
  • Kiko full coverage concealer (shade 06)

I recently just bought the NYX foundation and have fallen in love! I’ve used my MAC face and body foundation for years and was ready for a change and my NYX foundation is defo my fav right now. Once my foundation is blended, I highlight with the lighter shades in my cream contour kit and contour with my LA girl concealer. I go over any areas that need a little more coverage, usually around my mouth and nose with my NARS concealer. tip: blend your foundation down your neck!

I usually powder my highlighted areas with a sheer powder but chose not to for this look, I went over my contoured areas with the darker shade of my Sleek contour and blush palette to set the cream contour as well as deepen it.

Finishing touches:

products used:

  • Emite makeup powder blush (shade 108)
  • NYX liquid illuminator (shade sun goddess)
  • MAC skinfinish mineraliser (shade gold deposit)
  • Maybelline lash sensational
  • Revolution pro fix makeup spray

I use my blush just to add a bit of colour back into my face but this one is so pigmented so I add it really lightly. Next I add a few drops of my illuminator to the high points of my cheeks and go over with my mineraliser which I also add to my nose and cupids bow. I then add some mascara and would usually apply any lashes to compliment the look but today I wanted to leave it quite simple. Lastly for the face, I spray my fixing spray for an all day finish! It’s a drugstore product but easily the best fixing spray I’ve come across. If I fall asleep with my makeup on (yes, I know I shouldn’t) I wake up with all my makeup un budged.


products used:

  • Kiko precision lip pencil (shade 305)
  • NYX butter gloss (shade praline)

And here’s the finished look…




2 thoughts on “A Bronzy/Natural Makeup Look!

Add yours

  1. Yaaaas girl! Glow! You are beautiful āœØšŸ˜­ And that hair growth too! I went natural too and I’m loving it really wish I went natural earlier šŸ˜ šŸ˜‚.
    Keep doing you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun! I feel the exact same way natural is just such a great feeling. Thinking to do a post about it soon so keep an eye out šŸ˜˜


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