Croatia: Fresh Island Festival


I am far from a festival girl and in fact this is the first festival I’ve actually been to and it’s abroad! I’d never really heard of Fresh Island Fest, nor was I even familiar with Croatia until a few friends of mine who’d went last year encouraged my girls and I to go. “Why not?” so we went online and bought our tickets for the festival. Let me point out this was easily the most unorganised trip we’ve ever booked yet we had no worries whatsoever. We booked our tickets early this year, we booked our flights roughly a month before the trip and our accommodation like the week before.

I wish I could add more picture content but in the nature of this little break away, I was a mess and unorganised! On arrival I was way too excited, for the duration of the break I was drunk and far too absorbed into the environment and leaving I was a state lmao. I don’t know why I thought I could write a decent post about it, I didn’t drink anywhere near my limit but I cannot remember majority of my trip lmao. Regardless, I’ll do my best to piece it all together!

Day one:

We arrived at Split airport which was one of the furthest airports from Pag so we had a two hour transfer to our accommodation. Of course just our luck, the Air BnB we booked was a scam! Through no fault of our own or Air BnB’s, we were walking the cobbled streets of Croatia not having a clue where we actually were or where we were going. This is the day I learnt just how relaxed I am on holiday because the thought of being homeless in a foreign country where we knew nothing and no one did not stress me one bit. I knew everything would work out and it did, the company found us a new apartment, gave us refunds, compensation etc. By the time we got there it was time to get ready and head out to see Young Thug!

Day Two:

Woke up: hanging. Time to get ready and leave because we needed food ASAP and it was DJ Jazzy Jeff’s pool party this afternoon. We found food then linked up with our other friends who’d rented a car and peds and headed to the pool party which was LIT. Can I just state that we were late to everything this entire holiday but it really didn’t matter because apart from the acts, you weren’t missing much. After the pool party, it was time for food and heading back to the apartments to get ready. I don’t even know who was performing this night because we all completely missed it. It was about 3am when someone said “shall we leave now” so we did! The party was still going and it was the best time! There was such a big group of us which made it even better. Being honest I don’t remember most of what happened this entire day, at one point I took a nap before we went out and I don’t even remember taking the nap. My short term memory went into shutdown lmao.

Day Three:

Our last day! During the day we had Tim Westwood’s pool party and in the evening, performing was Sean Paul and Rae Sremmurd. The pool party was PACKED, it was so different from yesterday’s. During the day’s you could also go on boat parties and I don’t think any were running on the last day so practically the whole of the festival was crammed into this one pool party, fun nevertheless! Until the very end where a group got into a fight and let me tell you, those security guards don’t play! Me and my friend were literally in between the edge of the fight and the edge of the pool trying to move away from the madness then suddenly there was this gas and people were dispersing. The security guards had let off what seemed to be tear gas so people couldn’t see or breathe and then started spraying people with pepper spray. People who weren’t even involved in the fight were effected because security were just relentless, they didn’t care, they just wanted us OUT. Thankfully none of my friends got hurt, we were defo shaken up but nothing some food wouldn’t fix!

In the evening it was time to head to the clubs where of course we’d missed the performances again, I caught Sean Paul saying bye and walking off stage and that was it lmao. This was definitely the drunkest we’d all been and once again, a blur to me! We somehow ended up having our own table which was great although I didn’t recognise half the people on it but it was a good time! A few of us left early at like 5am to head back to the apartment to get ready for our 6am transferYep… from the club back to the apartment, took a nap (more like passed out) woken up for last min packing, transfer wasn’t on time but it managed to find us anyway, 2 hour journey to the airport and got on our flight with no sleep, still ridiculously drunk, and not remembering or understanding what just happened!

I had the time of my life. 



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