I had my Teeth Whitened!!

After quite a while of wanting to get my teeth whitened I finally went and did something about it. I really wanted to have it done for such a long time but I was always umming and ahhing about where to have it done, whether or not I should just have it done professionally and worrying about any side effects like sensitivity. Teeth Whitening generally isn’t a very cheap treatment, especially if you’re having it done professionally so I needed to be certain about what I was going to invest my money into. But when my amazing beauty therapist said she was introducing teeth whitening to her ongoing list of services I jumped at the opportunity.

In total I had two sessions within a week of each other. After the first session my teeth were five shades whiter and can I honestly say I never realised just how stained my teeth were. At my first session, my teeth were colour matched and I was at the yellower end of the spectrum – EW!

The Procedure

  1. You’re given a disposable toothbrush and a small pot of solid toothpaste to prepare the teeth.
  2. You’re given a finger cloth which is sprayed with activator which you run across your teeth.
  3. The gels – which I believe is hydrogen peroxide – is inserted to the mouth trays which you put into your mouth and aligned with your teeth. The LED light is then aligned to your mouth and I had to twenty minute sets.

I was really happy with my results! I feel like it’s important to mention that cosmetic teeth whitening doesn’t give you the results of ‘pearly white’, immaculate teeth like you see on TV but it does make them whiter and help to remove stains. Everyone’s results will be different depending on a) how stained the teeth are b) what has caused the staining c) how well the enamel on your teeth reacts to the hydrogen peroxide.

After having your teeth whitened, you can’t eat any coloured or heavily seasoned foods for 48 hours. So chocolate, red wine, red meat, curry’s, tea & coffee and anything else that is likely to stain is a huge no! It’s harder than it seems lmao. Since having my teeth whitened I haven’t had any increased sensitivity which I’m so happy about! Peroxide can be quite harsh on the teeth and lead to a break down of enamel which is what causes sensitivity which is that horrible feeling in your teeth when you eat or drink something really cold, or hot.

Overall, I am beyond pleased with my results. I will probably have one more session somewhere down the line only to see just how white I can get them but you don’t need multiple sessions, however many sessions you have is completely your preference.

Results after two sessions!

I had my teeth whitened at Obedient Beauty (@obedient_beauty .. instagram) based in Chingford, London.

elisekirsten xo.


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