For the Creatives..

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be a creative but I guess on the topic of blogging I am one. I (try to) create decent quality content for everyone who’s interested in elisekirstenspeaks that will engage people and this includes everything from photography, writing, editing and naturally just having a creative mind. But let me tell ya’ll it’s not easy! 

First of all, you’re judged and criticised. How many of you have heard anything along the lines of  “is that even a real job?” Or “so how do you expect to live off that income?” because I have, and more! I feel like you can kind of tell quite early on in school those who are more academic and those who are more creative and without really noticing it, those who are more creative are often put down or made to feel different. It’s definitely a societal thing and you see it all the time, those A* students who get into Oxford make the local newspaper but how often do you see an individual truly praised for their talent and passion? 

The education system only favours academics and because you’re not following the system, there’s less opportunities for you and you have to really search for opportunities and create doors for yourself. In that sense, social media is such a huge help for promoting yourself and showcasing your work. For me, that’s where the word ‘talent’ flies out the window because when people use the term talent, it’s on the basis that it’s something fun, maybe a hobbie or a side hustle but for a creative, that ‘talent’ is the dream.

Social media is a great outlet to promote yourself and your work/business and I should probably take my own advice right now, but don’t be afraid to push your content! Post your work on all your social media platforms and do it multiple times! Algorithms are constantly changing, especially on platforms like Instagram so it’s important to post your content as much as you can. I always get quite discouraged and worry about ‘annoying’ people by posting a bit too much or oversharing content but I guess if I don’t, how will anyone see my work? 

Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to showcase your work and don’t give up on your dreams and don’t forget to set yourself goals! Interact with others because networking is key!! And don’t forget to support others. It doesn’t take much out of your day to leave someone a nice comment or even some constructive criticism! 

elisekirsten xo. 


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