I had my Teeth Whitened!!

After quite a while of wanting to get my teeth whitened I finally went and did something about it. I really wanted to have it done for such a long time but I was always umming and ahhing about where to have it done, whether or not I should just have it done professionally and worrying about any side effects like sensitivity. Teeth Whitening generally isn’t a very cheap treatment, especially if you’re having it done professionally so I needed to be certain about what I was going to invest my money into. But when my amazing beauty therapist said she was introducing teeth whitening to her ongoing list of services I jumped at the opportunity.

In total I had two sessions within a week of each other. After the first session my teeth were five shades whiter and can I honestly say I never realised just how stained my teeth were. At my first session, my teeth were colour matched and I was at the yellower end of the spectrum – EW!

The Procedure

  1. You’re given a disposable toothbrush and a small pot of solid toothpaste to prepare the teeth.
  2. You’re given a finger cloth which is sprayed with activator which you run across your teeth.
  3. The gels – which I believe is hydrogen peroxide – is inserted to the mouth trays which you put into your mouth and aligned with your teeth. The LED light is then aligned to your mouth and I had to twenty minute sets.

I was really happy with my results! I feel like it’s important to mention that cosmetic teeth whitening doesn’t give you the results of ‘pearly white’, immaculate teeth like you see on TV but it does make them whiter and help to remove stains. Everyone’s results will be different depending on a) how stained the teeth are b) what has caused the staining c) how well the enamel on your teeth reacts to the hydrogen peroxide.

After having your teeth whitened, you can’t eat any coloured or heavily seasoned foods for 48 hours. So chocolate, red wine, red meat, curry’s, tea & coffee and anything else that is likely to stain is a huge no! It’s harder than it seems lmao. Since having my teeth whitened I haven’t had any increased sensitivity which I’m so happy about! Peroxide can be quite harsh on the teeth and lead to a break down of enamel which is what causes sensitivity which is that horrible feeling in your teeth when you eat or drink something really cold, or hot.

Overall, I am beyond pleased with my results. I will probably have one more session somewhere down the line only to see just how white I can get them but you don’t need multiple sessions, however many sessions you have is completely your preference.

Results after two sessions!
I had my teeth whitened at Obedient Beauty (@obedient_beauty .. instagram) based in Chingford, London.

elisekirsten xo.


The Big Chop, Again!

Okay so it’s not exactly a big chop as I already did one about 6 months ago which I’ll link the blog post for here, but I have recut my hair and this time it’s even shorter! I cut my hair the first time 1) because it was damaged from straightening and colouring and 2) because I was really ready for a change and I needed that change to be something drastic, so chopping off most of my hair seemed very fitting. I’m very lucky that my hair grows really quickly which it did and almost six months later I was umming and ahhing about whether I wanted to grow it all out or cut it again and I chose to cut it!

I had quite long, thick, golden curls which I adored and so did many others. I always appreciated the comments I got for my hair, from friends and even strangers. People always had questions about “how” I got it so curly which was strange to me because it was all natural (apart from the colour), but apparently it was strange that as a black girl I had such curly hair and most people assumed I had to have some kind mix in me lmao. When I was younger, I enjoyed the attention my hair brought me but now I’m older, I’m completely over it. It becomes very boring constantly being addressed by or referred to by terms that don’t actually describe your character. It feels as though people look at you and the first/only thing they notice is your hair.

One of the main reasons behind cutting my hair was so that when people see me, they focus on my face, my voice, body language etc. If someone’s going to describe me I’d rather them describe me as the girl with a beautiful smile or say something about my character/personality because that’s a better representation of who I am. Without all my hair, people will have no choice but to look a little deeper so I decided to strip myself bare. I’m currently trying to find out the woman I am, learn parts of me I never knew and I want that to be as transparent as possible. I’m trying to emphasise that through whatever I do and blogging is a great way to express that.

When I did my first big chop I felt so free and liberated. Most of us – not just women constantly worry about what our hair looks like and with my curls, it was so much effort to make sure I looked good. On days where I just couldn’t be bothered I would still have to make some kind of effort, I could never just get up and go because I’d look like I had a birds nest on my head. Literally the day I got my hair cut I knew I made such a great choice. It takes me less time to get ready, I don’t stress about what hairstyle to do everyday/week, and I save so much money not having to buy as many hair products to maintain it all.

It might seem dramatic, but I feel like I’ve changed how people view me just from cutting my hair off. Like I said, it forces people to look past the hair and actually pay attention to me. A year ago I would never imagined going for the big chop because my hair was so precious to me but now I think “it’s just hair” and in reality it is. It might have taken me a while to come to that realisation but I’m glad I have, there are many things about myself that I thought made me who I am when in actual fact, they’re just surface level things that don’t actually represent me. I’m also a complete introvert, I’m really shy and hold back on most things and having big hair means I can easily hide behind it all. Along with finding myself, I have this challenge to do things out of my comfort zone. A year ago I would have never been comfortable even thinking about cutting my hair off, I’d hate having to trim my dead ends! But I have now found so much peace and confidence in losing what I thought made me who I am.

Once I feel satisfied building my character as I am now, I will definitely be experimenting with colours and wigs and different styles with confidence in knowing that my hair no longer plays a role in shaping who I am. The beauty of versatility.

I am not my hair, I am not my skin. I am the soul that lives within. – India Arie


A Bronzy/Natural Makeup Look!

Honestly I have no idea what to call this look, I think it looks quite bronzy and soft glam-ish so lets go with that! I did a look very similar to this one about a week ago and received a few questions about it so as I’m getting back into the swing of blogging, I thought I’d make a post on it! Can we also just talk about how quickly my hair is growing out, wow!


This is the look!
For anyone who might ask, my LED mirror is from Boots from their NO7 brand. I’ll list below the product details in order from beginning to end. I do use quite a few drugstore products so if you’re someone who’s not into that, read with an open mind and replace with your own if you want to recreate this look. Enjoy!


products used:

  • Clarins oil treatment
  • Emite Makeup diamond heart primer
  • Kiko radiant boost face base

Always start off by moisturising! Skincare is so important and you don’t want to apply makeup to dry skin as it will affect your makeup look. I usually use a face cream from Simple or Nivea but as my skin has been really dry lately, I used an oil to keep my skin looking hydrated and encourage a dewy look – I very rarely go for a matte finish. However, if you have naturally oily skin then I would not recommend using oils!


products used:

  • Beauty UK high brow kit
  • Kiko full coverage concealer (shade 06)

I fill my brows in lightly using my brow kit and conceal underneath using a concealer a few shades lighter than my skin to clean up the brow and highlight. I drag the concealer down onto my eyelids to use as a base/primer for my eyeshadow.



products used:

  • Laroc natural shades palette

This palette is cheap as chips from Amazon and has an unreal amount of shades. They’ve also got a “summer edition” which comes as a deal. I used a few natural/skin shades to add to this bronzy look.


products used:

  • NYX total control foundation (shade mahogany)
  • Sleek cream contour kit (shade medium)
  • Sleek contouring and blush palette (shade dark)
  • LA girl pro concealer (shade beautiful bronze)
  • NARS radiant creamy concealer (shade amande)
  • Kiko full coverage concealer (shade 06)

I recently just bought the NYX foundation and have fallen in love! I’ve used my MAC face and body foundation for years and was ready for a change and my NYX foundation is defo my fav right now. Once my foundation is blended, I highlight with the lighter shades in my cream contour kit and contour with my LA girl concealer. I go over any areas that need a little more coverage, usually around my mouth and nose with my NARS concealer. tip: blend your foundation down your neck!

I usually powder my highlighted areas with a sheer powder but chose not to for this look, I went over my contoured areas with the darker shade of my Sleek contour and blush palette to set the cream contour as well as deepen it.

Finishing touches:

products used:

  • Emite makeup powder blush (shade 108)
  • NYX liquid illuminator (shade sun goddess)
  • MAC skinfinish mineraliser (shade gold deposit)
  • Maybelline lash sensational
  • Revolution pro fix makeup spray

I use my blush just to add a bit of colour back into my face but this one is so pigmented so I add it really lightly. Next I add a few drops of my illuminator to the high points of my cheeks and go over with my mineraliser which I also add to my nose and cupids bow. I then add some mascara and would usually apply any lashes to compliment the look but today I wanted to leave it quite simple. Lastly for the face, I spray my fixing spray for an all day finish! It’s a drugstore product but easily the best fixing spray I’ve come across. If I fall asleep with my makeup on (yes, I know I shouldn’t) I wake up with all my makeup un budged.


products used:

  • Kiko precision lip pencil (shade 305)
  • NYX butter gloss (shade praline)

And here’s the finished look…



My Fav Beauty Products

I am far from a beauty/skincare guru and I barely ever use a skincare routine but when I do, these are by far my fav products:

  • For an ‘everyday’ face mask I use the Soap and Glory Deep Pore Detox Mask which is also self-heating! Using this straight after the face wash leaves my skin super soft and gives it a nice glow.





elisekirsten xo. 

The BIG chop!

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel.

This will probably be posted on Tuesday, which by then it would be four days since I did my big chop! And before any minds start wondering, no this is not my version of a Britney Spears 2007 breakdown. I had seen quite a few girls with really short cuts and I loved how it looked but I was so convinced it wouldn’t suit me at all. I was thinking I had a really big head and a big forehead so I’d practically look bald which wasn’t the look I was going for.

In the short hand of the story and reason behind my chop, I honestly woke up on Wednesday morning and ended up styling my hair in a slicked back low bun. I looked in the mirror and thought ‘maybe I would look good with really short hair’ and I took that thought and ran with it. I’ve been very impulsive lately, not necessarily in a bad way I don’t think. But I get an idea in my mind and suddenly I’m set on it. Anyway, I started looking at short curly hair cuts and suddenly became more and more obsessed with the thought of cutting all my hair off. I started searching for the best hair salons and hair dresser’s around even though I already had one lol. I just became so excited about it, it was something I’d never done before, I hated having my hair cut I’d feel so upset if I even had to trim my ends.

All the research I had done was pointless because by Thursday, I was just too excited and decided I was going to my usual hairdresser so I called to make an appointment and was shocked to get one for Friday morning! So now I was starting to feel anxious, I was thinking what if it looks terrible??? I’d have to wear wigs until it grows out again! I hadn’t told anybody about this new change, not even my mum! She was the only person who knew I was having something done simply because I had to get the salon’s number from her but other than that nobody had a clue.

I feel soooo happy that I cut all my hair off. I would have never done anything like this a year ago but honestly I feel such a sense of freeness. I suddenly have so many less worries because I didn’t realise how much of a burden and pressure it was to have all that curly hair. Without sounding over the top, it feels liberating to not have these worries anymore. I would spend so much money on hair products and I would get so frustrated at having to do my hair everyday. I needed a change and this is honestly perfect for what I needed. It was so exciting showing people this ‘new me’ and seeing everyone’s reaction was priceless. I was always known as the girl with the long curly hair and it gets old to be honest, so it will be interesting to see what I get named for now that’s all gone. I’ll post some before’s and after’s so you can all see the difference!


IMG_1782 IMG_1755


Lashes by Obedient Beauty!

As mentioned in a previous post my 21st birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to go all out and make some serious effort. A family friend of mine is an amazing beauty therapist who I’ve wanted to go to for about a year now and with my big day coming up… why not! I’ve seen so much of her work on instagram (will link social media down below) from eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts to micro-bladed eyebrows and facials. My best friend had her eyelash extensions done for her birthday in January and I kid you not, the last few have only just fallen off a few days ago! Well to be completely honest, she forced them off simply because OB has launched her own brand of lashes and they look absolutely amazing. We saw pictures of them on her instagram and fell in love so she needed the old ones off ASAP. It was worth it!

OB is based in chingford but occasionally offers mobile services. She is a fully qualified beauty therapist and offers gel mani & pedi’s, micro bladed (tattooed) eyebrows, waxes, spray tans and so much more! Her prices are completely affordable and all for great quality.

I absolutely love them, they’re so natural-looking but yet make such a difference to my face. They’re very lightweight and require minimal maintenance. I will allow the pictures to do the talking but be sure to check out her instagram and reviews!


Instagram: obedient_beauty / o_b_lashes

Hope this helps lovelies.

Elisekirsten xo.


Lately I’ve been really focused on me and doing loads of little things that make me happy. Nothing major but just little things like going and getting my nails done, buying that bag I’d been looking at for a while, pampering myself at home frequently etc. Things that give me a little pick me up and make me feel good about myself.

I’m lucky enough to know an amazing girl who is an absolutely amazing henna artist. I’ve always loved henna designs but really only had it done about three times so when the opportunity popped up to get it done of course I said yes. I am definitely one of the least creative and most indecisive people so whenever somebody asks me “what do you want?” I usually just stare at them blankly because I just never know. Luckily for me, she’s a great freehand artist and came up with the design completely off the top of her head. I admire creatives and their eye for detail and if their was anything I could tweak about myself I would definitely wish to be more creative!

I would recommend her to anyone! Why? ..

  • She’s mobile! My best friend and I had ours done at home which makes everything so much easier. Every other time I’ve had henna done, I end up walking around like an idiot trying to dodge everyone and everything whilst it dries.
  • She makes the henna herself. I was so gobbed once I found out she makes it from scratch because I know a few henna artists but none who dedicate themselves to perfecting their craft the way Emz does.
  • The henna is freshly made and chemical free!
  • She is such a sweetie. I’m probably biased because I know her lol but I think there’s nothing worse when having some sort of treatment done by someone who doesn’t actually make their client/customer feel comfortable so you’re sitting there in an awkward silence.

Foolishly, I didn’t take the best pictures but check out the design she did for me and I will of course note down her instagram so make sure you check that out too!!

Elisekirsten xo.

Instagram: hennabyemz