The Big Chop, Again!

My first cut since I big chopped my hair six months ago. Read more to find out why!



My friends will probably disagree and say I'm lying to myself, but I'm a very shy and quiet person. I always have been and as much as I'm trying to change it, I've accepted that I probably always will be. For people who know me really well I'm sure I come across quite fun and... Continue Reading →

My Fav Summer Ideas!

Summer is FINALLY here! (If you live in England then you know it's only here for a few days so make the most of it!) These beautiful summer days can pop up so unexpectedly and you find yourself wanting to embrace it without any real plans so here's some ideas and a few of my... Continue Reading →


I've written  a similar blogpost to this which mainly focused on university and loads of people seemed to relate but I wanted to talk about the struggles of being in your twenties. It just feels like you're too young to have it all together but too old not to. Theoretically, I would have finished my uni degree... Continue Reading →

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